Automated systems assembly specialists build electrical control and energy distribution systems, manufacture electrical windings and localise and fix problems on a wide variety of equipment. You will work together with other specialists on orders and projects, assembling and fitting printed circuit boards, and will put machines into operation as well as carrying out functional checks. A significant part of your time will be spent wiring control cabinets and checking electrical appliances.


Automated systems assembly specialists are economical and ecological in their way of thinking and acting. You will carry out your tasks and projects systematically and primarily independently. You will also be used to working in a team and open-minded to change and innovation.



Personal requirements:

You must have a genuine interest in mathematics, algebra, physics and technical / electrical matters. If you also have an aptitude for abstract thought and enjoy working with accuracy and care with ultra-modern technologies, then a career as an automated systems assembly specialist is the one for you.






Training profile:


We require a "medium"-level school-leavers' diploma (level M is compulsory in mathematical subjects) as well as good results in mathematics, algebra, geometry and physics.