Logistics technicians operating in the warehouse are responsible for the correct management of goods and resources. You will receive and check them before booking them in via the ERP system. You will then store the goods in the correct fashion using industrial trucks and/or complex conveying systems such as order pickers and similar equipment. Should you be given a call or an order, you will prepare the corresponding goods for delivery or dispatch, pack and label them, fill in the delivery papers and load the vehicle in a safe and correct way.


Furthermore, you will regularly check inventory levels with the aid of the ERP system. You will also be able to use minimum inventory figures, safety stock levels and/or threshold levels which will be defined upstream and recorded in the system to help you. Regardless of their various different fields of intervention, logistics technicians are heavily reliant on computers, and you will use them to register goods, carry out stock control, plan warehouse management using simple calculations, compile statistics and process orders.


Logistics technicians are economical and ecological in their way of thinking and acting. You will carry out your tasks and projects systematically and primarily independently. You will also be used to working in a team and open-minded to change and innovation.


Personal requirements:


You must have a basic interest in mathematics and technical matters, as well as being in robust health. If you also have an aptitude for logical thought and enjoy working with accuracy and care on a variety of tasks in different locations, then a career as a warehouse logistics technician is the one for you.





Training profile:


We require a school-leavers' diploma as well as good results in mathematics and German.