Yakou 2306-2, Sakae-Machi

Inba-Gun, Chiba-Ken

Japan 270-1502

Tel. +81 476 801 788

Fax +81 476 851 277 


Competence center for Japan


Chiba-Ken, Japan - this is where you will find an Asia hub of the BRUDERER Group: The epitome of technological competence and entrepreneurial dynamic. An organisation with innovative development and high performance overhauls and technical possibilities, the basis of the distinctive BRUDERER mark of success.


The history of BRUDERER Japan starts in 1965 when the first BRUDERER punching presses were imported (BSTA 18 & BSTA 30). These first imports were handled by a Swiss trading house called “Ueberseehandel (Kaigai Tsusho)”.


In 1972 BRUDERER AG and Mitsui Seiki made a licensing agreement to manufacture the BSTA 18, 30 & 60 in Japan.


The licensing agreement with Mitsui Seiki was terminated in 1981 but Mitsui Seiki continued to manufacture the Mitsui-BRUDERER presses until mid 1990.


In 1981 BRUDERER and Aida Engineering made a licensing agreement to manufacture the BSTA 25 & 50 and Aida built both presses until 1995 when the licensing agreement was terminated.


On April 9th 1996, BRUDERER Presses K.K. was established with head office in Tokyo and repair facility in Nagoya.


In early 1999, property was purchased near Narita, Chiba prefecture and a facility for repair and overhauls was built and completed on September 1st. The Tokyo and Nagoya locations were closed and moved to Narita.


The new Narita facility has been built to serve the more than 100 companies that use BRUDERER presses in Japan. It is estimated that there are more than 1000 BRUDERER presses still in operation in Japan (including license manufacturing).


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