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Competence center for

Singapore, Malaysia


For many years, BRUDERER was represented in the Asian area including South East Asia by its Japanese licensee. Part of the products sold in this area were then manufactured under license, other models were imported from the main plant in Switzerland. Today all over Asia several thousands of BRUDERER presses are in operation with all the latest presses assembled in Switzerland only.

It is right to say, that the quality of a product cannot only be proven on its first day performance. Service is another most important keyword: in case of any problem the customer needs an immediate support to keep the usability of his investment as high as possible.

This is why BRUDERER has started late in 1995 to organize its own service network in the Asia region. BRUDERER has always considered Singapore as a most important centre within South East Asia and East Asia. Good infrastructure, high educational level of workforce, a large pool of skilled personnel, political stability and a long established record of due process of law and order, a superb infrastructure in air, land and sea travel and transportation as well as efficient use of these facilities without the abuse of power, excellent communication facilities and last but not least, the business friendly government policies, have convinced BRUDERER to make the Singapore organization to set-up a competence center for the Far East.

BRUDERER Presses (Far East) PTE, Ltd. was established in Singapore to serve the S.E.Asia countries consisting of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

The BRUDERER competence center in Singapore is well organized: the local facility includes all special tooling required for press overhaul, service and repair work and the service engineers have been trained in Switzerland BRUDERER's main-plant.


Our engineers have the capability to re-build and re-engineer the whole range of BRUDERER presses from the world and re-export them to the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Korea and India. We do not only stock spare parts in this facility but also the complete machines for immediate customers’ demand. This will ensure quick delivery and shorter lead-time to our customers.



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