Punching Trials

Practical demonstration is the most impressive way. We would be delighted to run a punching trial to prove our expertise in the field of design and construction of stamping presses.


Use our facilities to test your tool at production conditions!


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Theoretical calculations and results taken from practical applications


can be two very different things. When all is said and done, stamped parts meeting requisite levels of quality and quantities are what really counts and what makes companies profitable. Profit is also determined by tool service life and the cost-effectiveness of the overall production plant.


A "trial run" with our stamping presses


will leave you in no doubt as to the capability of your punching tool and target output rates.


Whether you come to us with a new punching tool or with a tool from your current production, with our stamping presses you will increase stroke rates, prolong tool service life and get punched part quality you would previously not have thought possible. That is why the leading companies – world-wide – rely on the BRUDERER brand.


No-obligation punching trials

Punching trials can be carried out in our competence centres with absolutely no obligation on your part. Whether you are already a BRUDERER customer or simply want to see how your punching tools will perform on a BRUDERER stamping press, contact us and arrange an appointment. Our specialists will organise a punching trial tailored to meet your individual needs. Find out just how good we are at designing and building stamping presses – Welcome to BRUDERER.